Art On the Lawn is an Art Collective of local artists that meet to celebrate our latest works, live music and delightful conversation.

Marketing Packet: Below Find The Logos and Documents

Art On the Lawn 
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Art On the Lawn

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between AOTL and other art shows?

The fee. We do not charge the artist an entrance fee or take a percentage of a sale. The show is juried and run by the artists collectively.

Why open source your work, don’t you want to sell it?

Art On the Lawn is bigger than money. Our hope is that artists where ever they live, will join us in celebrating art and beauty by sharing their work with their community. The dream is to have a national holiday where people can take time from their stressed-out, overwork schedules to hang out with art and live music.

Does it have to be on a lawn?

Not strictly speaking. Concrete works too.  Create a symbolic lawn. We painted  an old 4 x 6 foot canvas that looks like grass.

Should we charge the artists and/or public a fee?

The beauty about AOTL is there are no fees. No percentages, no entrance charges. No $40 and up for the chance at possibly selling some art. Even if the artist does not  sell, there is no loss because there is no sweating about making up the cost for the fee. Bring pot luck and a donation for the live music, that is it.

I Want to Participate in AOTL, but do not have space?

Ask a non-art friend with a primo lawn, great parking and easily to get to, if you can have the show there. Rarely do people ask to come into the house, and make the show a shorter experience, say 2.5 hours and it is not such a burden. See if you can rent or use a space, like a park, outside the library, in front of the local museum, outside the church. Or do it flash mob style. Meet at a certain time in a park or public space.  Make sure the art is portable, in case you have to hustle.


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