Art On the Lawn is an Art Collective of local artists that meet to celebrate our latest works, live music and delightful conversation.

Putting on an Art Show

I was contemplating my want to share my art without having to spend $40 for the possibility of maybe getting into a juried show.

I surveyed the front parking lot, it was about 40 ft x 20 ft. I live on a road that has lots of parking and is two blocks from downtown. I thought, I could do this, I could put on an art show (and so can you!). I connected with friends, art friends, and students.  Friends invited friends, and we had 14 artists and musicians wanting to participate.

Then the Blessings began:

One of the artist knows Jose Neto  and asked him to play, which he did!

We have lots of talented musicians play.

Our neighbors helped with our need for easels.

Friends brought food and drink.

And, incredibly a keg of beer and a case of wine was donated.

The artists experienced good fortune as well.

One AOTL artist got an amazing job working with a famous jazz musician.
Another sold 12 paintings.

We have put on five shows so far. I learned what works, what’s a good idea and I want to share with you.

Good Luck and May you Have a Beautiful, Wildly successful show.

How to Put on an Art On the Lawn Art Show

A successful Show Needs 4 Factors: good-hearted artists, a prime location, live music, and guests!